The Jorge Bischoff brand is the flagship of the Bischoff Group. The performance of its stores is highly approved and its business model offers the opportunity of a solid and successful business.

Jorge Bischoff
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• Jorge Bischoff is the network with the second highest level of franchisee satisfaction in the footwear sector in Brazil

• Security of a strong brand, with the signature of designer Jorge Bischoff

• World-class production structure

• Approved operation methods

• Constant training provided to different areas of the business

• Assistance prior to and after the opening of the store

• Architectural design, detailed description of the premises and standard visual merchandising


• World-class shoes, handbags and accessories

• Two great annual collections, which are constantly expanded by special launches

• Frequent new developments all year round

• A comprehensive portfolio with a wide range of options, including women’s and men’s products

• Special collections focused on specific audiences (Luxo Legítimo and Say Yes, a special collection for brides)


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For the fourth year in a row, the JORGE BISCHOFF franchise network has achieved excellence among the best franchises in Brazil, in a survey conducted by SERASA, figuring prominently in the yearbook 'MELHORES FRANQUIAS DO BRASIL 2016' (BEST FRANCHISES IN BRAZIL 2016) of the 'Pequenas Empresas e Grandes Negócios' magazine (Small Enterprises and Great Businesses). The Jorge Bischoff franchise network was ranked FIRST IN THE COUNTRY'S FOOTWEAR SECTOR, and was awarded the 5-STAR FRANCHISE seal based on the evaluation of its performance and satisfaction with the network, from the point of view of franchisees. Learn more here.

Prêmios In 2016, for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW, the Jorge Bischoff franchise network was awarded the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE IN FRANCHISING. The seal was granted by the Brazilian Franchise Association (ABF, in its Portuguese acronym) – the official franchise body in Brazil -, attesting to the quality and excellence of the Jorge Bischoff franchising system. For details, click here.

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